Val Biktashev

Master Val Biktashev is a very successful and well-known feng shui master who founded American Healing Arts Institute in Beverly Hills, CA. He and his wife Elizabeth Moran are also the authors of the book “The Compete Idiots Guide to Feng Shui” that sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Val Biktashev

The goal for Val Biktashev was to change his old text based website into a more user-friendly and graphically presented look and feel and to gain more exposure on the internet.

Job Specifications:
Website Development, Website Design

-Graphic Design
-Database Development
-E-Mail Newsletter Module development
-Back-End Administrative panel development

Finished Design and Development:
Our team worked personally with Elizabeth and Val to achieve professionalism, navigating simplicity, uniformity, and balance, the output that they looked-for.

Database driven ASP pages were created to load text from the SQL database into the website. A real-time guestbook was also created to store viewer comments on the server and to display those messages on AAFengshui in real-time. On the back end, easy administrative pages were developed with a secure login interface and a word editing tool to make possible for our client to edit or add content such as new articles to their website.

An email newsletter module was also developed to collect email addresses through the website and distribute monthly newsletters to the users who signed up.

A simple ASP hit counter was setup to track total visitors to the site at the bottom of the homepage.

Our marketing team has done search engine optimization and monthly submissions to the popular search engines. We also closely monitor and report the monthly status of search engine rankings for the web-pages to our client.

Aafengshui was successfully transferred to our secure shared server.

The redesign proved to be more professional and presentable in addition to the ranking success in search engines for “feng shui master”. Aafengshui is number 6 out of 884,000 results in and number 2 out of 909,000 results in

We appreciate your attention to detail and continued dedication to the growth and expansion of our business

Peter Ruger

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