is a renowned photographer who started in photography by following her father who is one of the most distinguished photographers in California.


RUZZ’s goal was to launch a website ( where she would illustrate her work not only as a professional photography but also reveal the artistic level that she achieved, while allowing her to control, maintain, and update an image gallery of her work.

Job Specifications:
Website Design

-Graphic Design
-Flash Interface design
-Back-End file management module development

Finished Design and Development:
The design of the website came out of a shot of a model from a recent shoot that RUZZ finished. The eye-catching logo was designed with a sort of exclamation mark on RUZZ in a signature like font that almost ensamples a trademark quality.

Although most pages of are made with DHTML, the photo gallery was designed with Flash. Loading speeds were highly considered and enhanced so that it does not frustrate low-bandwidth viewers. The sections of the photo gallery contain a preview of what is about to be viewed in a black and white but exquisite design. Once in the photo gallery, the surfing experience is pleasant and pretty much the pages are uniform in all sections except Kids section. This is where our team designed a customized baby album similar to the one that RUZZ designed and printed. The album pages open just like a physical album would, by way of shadows and even bending of the pages.

A back end administrative panel was built to upload files and manage the photo gallery as desired, eliminating the use of third party ftp software and enabling a secure, simplified global access from anywhere on the internet.

Deployment: was successfully transferred to our secure shared server after we tested the file management module.

RUZZ is currently able to present and maintain her artistic work on the internet through RUZZ in a graceful style that not only already attracted many customers but also gave those that one more reason to book appointment for a photo shoot.

I am so happy with your work I could cry tears of joy (seriously, after all the frustration I have had with this).I approve the website! I cannot thank you enough for all of your fantastic, expedient and professional service. It looks wonderful!

Bianca Bezdek
Founder of Bezdek Law

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