Semimount is a division of Vora Gems Inc. based in Los Angeles and servicing the jewelry industry for more than two decades.

Goal: The goal for Vora Gems Inc. was to launch a website ( that will generally provide business to business functionality and enable e-commerce transactions for its clients.

Job Specifications: Website Development, Website Design

-Graphic Design
-Database Development
-E-commerce Web Application development
-B2B dynamic development

Finished Design and Development:
Although the design for Semimount company looks rather lavishing, its web interface was designed with navigating simplicity and quick loading times in mind.

The trade only website was developed for Semimount customers to be able to access it via password protected ASP pages. Only then they may have access to the profound shopping cart system, designed to list a very large inventory. It is intended so that the orders are added quickly and conveniently using a quick filtering and intelligent searching system located on the left side of the site and a preview panel located on the top right side. This useful panel lists the shopping cart contents with pricing and total amounts as a preview and allows going into full shopping cart content mode where you can edit or delete the items. The true difference between most shopping carts and the one that our team developed for Semimount is that there is a real-time stock management system that calculates stock as users add or subtract items on their carts. This means that no two people at the same time may add the same item to the carts if there is only one item left in the inventory. Once the item is deleted from the shopping cart, only then it will be available for the other user.

A tremendously complicated dynamic web-module was designed to make B2B feasible for Semimount. This module enabled information sharing between the Semimount clients and their clients’ customers. Semimount resellers are now able to create their own websites within the Semimount and be able to display Semimount items while setting their own pricing on those items. There are ten different yet attractive graphical templates that were designed and available for Semimount customers to make their fast and easy websites extravagant. The beauty of this system is that all the pages are generated automatically.

Semimount back end administrative pages was another great opportunity for our team to prove how much we can accomplish in creating tools that make any website management and maintenance simple, rapid, and efficient.

Upon completion of the project semimount was tested on our test server after which we moved it to our secure managed dedicated server on a firewall protected high speed and high bandwidth connection.

Semimount now has not only internet exposure to its clients but also to the customers of its own clientele, while its own clients are able to create and maintain free websites that carries Semimount inventory with their own pricing.

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Doug Mason

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