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is a major jewelry manufacturer and exporter.
They run their business from Los Angeles Jewelry District. California, U.S.A.

SJ major products include 925 sterling silver jewelry crafted in celebrity style pieces, vintage style, even bridal style jewelry all custom fit for your genuine fashion. From rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets to necklaces SJ line has them all. also carries high end jewelry for only $99.00 or less. They carry diamond, gold, cubic zirconia, silver, and gemstone jewelries.



The goal for and was to create a clean, elegant design which rotates products on the front page without web visitors having to refresh their browser window, and to promote the respective online stores with a world-class look and feel.

Job Specifications:
Website Development, Website Design

- Custom Graphic Design
- Database Development
- AJAX Driven ASP.NET Web Development
- E-Commerce payment system with PayPal Payments Pro and Authorize.Net
- XHTML and CSS Front End Validated Development
- Dedicated Hosting

Finished Design and Development:
From the outside, this site looks simple with only 10-15 pages of visible content. But on the backend, extensive custom programming was required to create the functionality that the client requested. was developed using AJAX technology, which made it possible to connect JavaScript to ASP.NET server driven pages.  Normally, a site like this would have to refresh in the visitor’s browser to display constantly rotating products. The constant refreshing is somewhat of a distraction to customers and not deemed conducive to sales. The challenge lay in creating pages that rotate new products at timed-intervals without the page having to refresh. There is absolutely no refreshing on the site when it's time for the rotating products to switch as the rotation countdown clock reaches zero.  There is also a services application that runs in the background of the server 24/7.  This application is responsible of generating global xml files that would make it possible for visitors to see the same countdown clock and the exact same item from anywhere in the world, logging in from any time zone.  There are no I-Frames or tables used in the XHTML 1.0 validated code. This is a pure table-less design that also contains CSS 2.1 validated code for optimal load time and search engine results. is similar to and was designed for the same client.  The client specified that he wanted the exact same layout but a different color for the sister site. Thus, Digital Ray delivered it as exactly requested.  The color was changed to the client's choice of red and the design was slightly altered as needed.

Both is hosted on a Digital Ray dedicated dual intel xeon powered server for fast load times and stable uptime.

The site has been launched launched and is successfully generating sales.

We especially thank you for the data mining and analysis service you provided us. We found it very helpful in keeping our pay per click costs down.

Megan Cortez
Marketing Director

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