DigitalRay plugins for the community

We are trying to solve problems that we encounter and bring the solutions to the community though the use of plugins where possible. We are proud to have been working with the Atlassian Marketplace plugins and will try to bring in more plugins with other products in the future.

Atlassian Jira Server Plugin Development

Atlassian Jira server

We can help you integrate your custom tools with major products such as Atlassian Jira server via plugins.

Our java engineers have experience in development of Atlassian Jira server plugins.

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Atlassian Jira Cloud Plugin Development

Atlassian cloud jira plugin

Experienced in Atlassian Cloud App Development

We have been developing using nodejs and express framework for some time now. We are able to integrate your existing tools or any new custom functionality to Jira cloud.

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Our website used to look like a typical mom and pop store. Cheesy to say the least. Digital Ray rebuilt it from scratch and revamped our image.

Bernie Williams
VP Sales

WebBiz Magazine

WebBiz Magazine

Our famous WebBiz Magazine March Issue is out! Whether you are interested in professional custom web development or simply want to see our quality web design work, this will give you an idea!

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