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SEO + Web Development + ROI finally meets together.

Our success is your success.

Our Service Highlights:
* In-depth consultation to understand the business objectives.
* Fully customized quotes, strategy and work flow for your specific needs.
* Dedicated Account Manager.
* Talented Web Developer (.net, asp, php, perl etc.)
* We'll try to match our price and service, if you show us anything cheaper and/or more robust*.
* Free Adwords setup/optimization which will also be used for seo keyword effectiveness analysis.
* Detailed PDF Report ( view sample.)
* Web Traffic Analysis for ROI optimization suggestions.
* Flexible payment method (Upfront, Monthly, Quarterly, Pay Per Performance)
* Copy, Content Writing (based on original content.)
* Press Release SEO optimization and submission

We believe SEO only works when the business is understood.
We know Search Engine's Goal is to give user the relevant results for the key phrase user types in to the search box.
Therefore more user will rely on the search engine and end up clicking on the PPC Ads on the right column.
As Search Engines algorithm always evolves to show better result to the end users, today's effective SEO, may be considered as a SPAM tomorrow which have happened many times in the past.

For example,
Did you know Google ignores meta keywords?
Did you know Link Exchange could harm your rankings?
Did you know Google may lower your rankings for adding too many keywords in a single page?
Did you know Google can tell what is a natural English an what is awkwardly inserted keywords between a sentence?
Did you know Google almost ignores the footer links?

We know how hard for one person to do all the tedius trial & error work, reading 100s of industrial news and algorithm patents and keep eyes 24/7 to keep SEO info always uptodate. That is why we are here.
We know how to make your site the most relevant and appealing page thatthe current uptodate Search Engine bots are looking for.
When it comes to SEO, or anything in business, you cannot just pay and forget it to be successful. It just doesn't work that way.
Our service won't let you forget it about anything, we will work very closely together to bring you success in the competitive niche.

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We are confident that we can give you the right custom plan but we won't bug you if you don't like our quote.

So please feel free to help us quote!


Complete SEO Service Flow:

Initial Setup (first 1~2 months):
* Business Consultation
* Custom Quote/plan
* Competition Research
* Keyword Analysis
* Website Assessment
* Crawlability Enhancement
* Link Strucutre Optimization
* Coding Optimization
* XML Sitemaps generation/submission
* Adwords setup/optimization
* Reporting/Monitoring System Setup
* Google Analytics Installation
* Traffic Analysis

Monthly Work:
* New Custom Page Optimization (3 pages/mo.)
* Product Feed Submission
* Press Release Optimization and Submission
* Link Building Support
* New Algorithm Updates

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