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Building up your page
rank will help you
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Build quality links. In the old days of the web, the number of links to your site mattered. These days, the quality and relevance of the links directing to your site matter. In other words, let’s say you sell custom artwork online and you have links from a small automotive shop, a local drycleaner and deli all linking to your site. Well, this could actually hurt your ranking because these businesses are completely unrelated to your business; what’s more, since they don’t get much traffic themselves, they really aren’t useful. Now, take the example above, with a press release on Google News. Since Google News generates a huge amount of traffic, the search engines are going to take notice that it is linking to you. Let’s say you sell software, and links to you. This is relevant to your business and gets a huge amount of traffic. Again, that would be a worthwhile link. Link building takes time and effort, but is well worth it.

Optimize your website for the search engines. It is best to get a professional web development company to do this since it is quite an involved process that requires a lot of expertise. That said, there are countless SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms out there that aren’t very good. Look for one that has solid results; namely, it has gotten its clients on page one of Google and other major search engines. The SEO process involves optimizing your site with relevant content and key search phrases for your business.

Building up your page rank will help you secure online sales and boost your web presence. It’s not a fast and quick process, but taking into consideration all the points above, if done right, almost any company can survive economic turmoil.