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Or, for a small fee, you can hire a qualified and experienced company to set up and manage the account for you.

The costs of running an Adwords campaign vary according to the search terms you use and the amount of traffic you want to deliver to your site. Also, the price varies on how many competitors are vying for your keywords. Essentially, it is a bidding process.

Start a Blog. Why blogs? Well, these are a great way to drive traffic to your site, especially if they become popular and you have subscribers. Your successful blog will help your business website increase its ranking in the search engines. Blogs tend to be “unofficial” and a little quirky. They are also interesting because usually they are populated with pictures, comments and anecdotes.

Send out regular press releases on electronic newswires. Currently,

this is a very effective way to improve your website’s page rank. Here’s why: with the right service, your press release will be picked up on Google News and other online news forums. And if you pepper your press releases with key words and include a link to your site, even better. Try to release one a week and you will see a steady improvement in page rank.

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