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by Rich Ueno

believe that SEO (done right) is not a
blatant and purposeful manipulation of Search Engine Rankings. We know that is not how things work. Any SEO firm can be successful by filling the role of fulltime internet marketing consultant (in other words, they should do custom optimization depending on their client’s size and the industry they are in).

Search Engines, such as Google, have a business goal to provide relevant results to the end user. By producing relevant results, more users will rely on Google and click on their AdWords Ads (Paid Search Results). Having said that, Google is always trying to develop an algorithm to better serve their end users with the most relevant pages for the key phrase they type into the search box. As a full-service internet marketing consultant, that specializes in SEO, a firm has do the best to help customers’ website pages become more relevant for the chosen key phrase, in addition to fixing the coding in order to help Google easily crawl the site and index. For a business website, having high relevance is as equally important as being easy to crawl by major search engines. So in short, many successful SEO firms work as consultants, guiding clients to create as relevant web pages as possible to whatever the chosen key phrases may be.

One of the industry secrets that I want to share before this article’s end, is that there are many ways for SEO firms to make you rank number one on Google for just $100, believe it or not. If you are the kind of person who just wants to be on the top search engine result for satisfaction that

is ok. But if I were a business owner who wants genuine business growth, I would want to rank number one on the key phrase that a lot of my potential customers are searching for. Here is an example: I would pay $10,000 for a huge poster ad on a major subway station in Los Angeles if I had a business in Los Angeles. But I wouldn’t want to pay $100 for a bench ad in the middle of the desert in Arizona. See my point?

It is so much easier and cost efficient for SEO firms to just automate everything and sell SEO as a product for cheap, but in order to really help clients succeed in their business, the SEO firm must communicate with clients, work as a hired consultant, and understand the business model to properly optimize their site.

Lastly, if you are one of the people who encourage your boss to have your company’s site optimized, just let him know that creating a website means nothing but a satisfaction to yourself because nobody knows you even exist. How do you then bring people to visit your site? Through search engines! You can start with Adwords (Google pay per click ads located on the right side of the search engine result pages). The average cost varies depending on the industry but it should be around $1 a visitor (pay per click). Who can manage it? A good SEO firm can. A good SEO firm can do the magic and even decrease the $1 a visitor rate to maybe even half! They can also help your site show up in the natural search engine results (the left side of Google result pages) so that you never even pay for the visitor!