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You’d be surprised just how many people panic about giving any information away online. They prefer to talk to a live person. So it pays to have a toll-free number. Sometimes customers will call just to see if you’re legit (warm-blooded humanoid on other end of line = ok). Unless you prominently display a telephone number, you will be losing a percentage of sales.

Once all that’s squared away, you’ll want to figure out how to promote your site and keep customers returning for more, especially since 70% of income can result from repeat business. You’ll need a strategy.

But where to begin? Email? Banner Ads? Search Engine optimization? Google Adwords? Affiliates?

Well, the best bet is all of the above. You’ll want an integrated strategy that takes into consideration every advertising avenue without breaking the bank. And the great thing about internet advertising is that the results are pretty much immediate. Send out an email or place a pay-per-click ad on Google and – BANG – orders start rolling in.

This is just the beginning though. As mentioned, you’ll need to draw customers back time and again. To accomplish that, you’d do well to entice them with special incentives such as free gifts with purchases, or coupons to use on future purchases.

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It’s what’s under the hood that counts, and what’s left in your wallet that matters.

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