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And just because your site is live doesn't mean your work is done. You’ll need to constantly update your home page and product pages to remain relevant. Fresh content and news will keep new and repeat customers visiting your site. When things stay the same for too long, sales tend to sag.

By now you’re probably thinking either of two things: this is a lot to think about and deal with, or alternately, this sounds like a no-brainer and I can handle it all myself.

Well, both scenarios are correct. It IS a lot to think about and tinker with. And YES, you probably could do it all by yourself, or at least with a little help from friends along the way. But there’d be a lot of trial and error. Moreover, how much is your time worth? Wouldn’t it be better spent on that conference call or motivating the sales staff?

The point being that you may want to look into hiring professionals for the job. There’s a lot out there. Too many to list. But unfortunately, there’s even more amateurs posing as professionals. People who can whip together a website from a downloadable template and post your site live with a lick and a promise. That’s easy.

Rarer are the guys who can do the site design, development and marketing all under one roof. Rarer still are the guys you can get you on page one of Google (legit) and practically guarantee you sales.

How to find them you ask? Well, we don’t want to be accused of favoritism, but let’s just say we only allow reputable companies to advertise in our magazine. After all, our reputations are at stake. No shady outfits here. So look no further than these pages for the trusted services you require.

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