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So you wanna launch your business online? Or maybe you already have but arenít satisfied with the results.

Either way, thereís some things youíll need to take into account before you launch your new venture or renovate the existing one.

For starters, youíll need to formulate a privacy policy to protect your company and to provide the all-important element of trust for potential customers.

Any relationship is built on trust and customers need to feel safe about providing payment information, especially in this age of rampant online identity theft. So be upfront about what you will and wonít do with their information.

Next, youíll need to provide secure online transactions. Itís called SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer encryption. And as you guessed, it secures all the sensitive information (like credit card details) that are sent over the internet.

SSL encryption usually comes standard with most reputable shopping carts. Speaking of which, youíll need a decent cart so customers can actually buy your products and services. Thereís a ton of them out there, and youíll either need an out-of-the-box cart or a fully customized one depending on your needs.

This brings up the next question: how to receive online payments? Through a service as simple and inexpensive as PayPal? Or should you set up your very own merchant account so customersí transactions are processed in real time? It really depends on the size and needs of your business, but if youíre serious about making money online, we recommend setting up a merchant account with a trusted vendor such as Verisign.

All the techie stuff aside, itís easy to forget the human element. Namely, fulfillment and customer service. Turnaround time is critical in keeping customers smiling. Before you end up with a backlog, ensure that your current crew can handle an influx of orders.